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Higher Health

Higher Health is Women Owned and Equity Owned business in the state of Connecticut. We know what you are going through, we are here to help as we have been in your shoes before as Higher Health is also a Patient Run organization.

Higher Health Employee Standing in Office

Meet our Founder, Ann Marie.

Some of Ann Marie’s favorite strains are Forbidden Fruit, Durban Poison, and Lemon Skunk. When it comes to smoking cannabis, Ann Marie is not much of a fan of high THC/TAC strains, rather she has more of an appreciation for the flavor and smell of the terpenes and flavonoids. The terpenes that are sought out by Ann Marie for flavor and effect include: Limonene, Myrcene, and Linalool.

Ann Marie is a twin and grew up as a tomboy in an Italian family and loves to cook, (Italian food of course!). Dexter is her 8 year old bulldog that she loves and cares for at home. Her favorite sports teams are the Patriots, Celtics, and the Yankees. She grew up in a home raised by strong Italian women and in high-school started her career in health as a pharmacy technician. In later years, Ann Marie made the switch to the beauty industry and made women feel empowered and fulfilled. It got to a point though, that things became jaded and unfulfilled within Ann Marie. The glimmer began to fade and the plastic, inauthentic, and vapid dimension began to wear on her. She had the realization that there are more important issues in the world rather than vanity. Bigger problems in the world that need someone to fight for what is truly right in just.

Ann Marie invested in herself and took a leap. She enrolled in cannabis classes offered in Connecticut and then began testifying and advocating on behalf of Connecticut medical patients to receive access to cannabis. Ann Marie soon learned that as she was showing up, Big Pharma and lobbyists against providing access to patients were showing up as well. It took two rounds of pushing forward and advocating but Ann Marie was able to make a difference. It does not end there, as there is much more work to be done.

The root of the problem is not cannabis and the “Gateway theory” has misinformed our population. Ann Marie is here to educate and empower you to take your health in wellness into your own hands.

Our story

We have been advocating for Legalization From the Beginning

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LLB testifying

Educating policy makers by publicly testifying on behalf of Chronic Pain as a qualifying conditions to reduce opioid dependence. Continuing to testify on behalf of home grow, and other patients rights.

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First Med Card

We needed to take action and start assisting Connecticut residents through approved medical programs.

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Adjust to Telehealth during lock down

Bringing personalized medical attention from in person meetings to telehealth.

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Expanded to Larger office

We saw huge growth in 2020 and partnered with Sweet Heal to expand our capacity.

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800th Med Card

We continue to benefit our community with ongoing education and community involvement. Follow us on Social Media to hear about upcoming events.

Our values

Higher Health is for The People

Medical Cannabis cards are here to protect your rights. We advocate for transparency, advocacy, and inclusivity in the Medical Marijuana industry of Connecticut.

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New laws are updated consistently, we comment on the progression so you are always in the know. No smoke and mirrors here, just truth for the sake of the community.

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Educating policy makers by publicly testifying on behalf of Chronic Pain as a qualifying conditions to reduce opioid dependence. Continuing to testify on behalf of home grow, and other patients rights.

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Our goal is to make sure our clients have the best experience possible while they are working with us. We want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the process, so we've made sure that we're fully inclusive.

Patient Testimonials

Hear right from the community.

"Great staff nice new location convenient parking and Medical Marijuana Certification..."


"Very helpful and getting my card reinstated very quick would highly recommend"


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